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School holidays

Camberley Town has had an increase of Anti-social behaviour over the school holidays but it is not alway reported.

Please report any ASB so that we can try to deal with it when it occurs

What is Anti-social behaviour?
Anti-social behaviour (ASB)is any aggressive, intimidating or destructive activity by an individual or group that disrupts, damages or destroys someone else’s quality of life. It can include problems on the street, such as drunken or rowdy behaviour, drug dealing, aggressive begging and groups of people intimidating others in public.
Neighbours can exhibit anti-social behaviour by playing loud music, keeping intimidating dogs, making threats or harassing those living nearby.
Abandoning cars, misusing fireworks, fly-tipping, graffiti and damaging private property are also types of anti-social behaviour.
There are however, some behaviours generally considered reasonable, such as children playing, everyday noise from washing machines and lawn mowers, and noise from DIY projects (unless carried out at an unreasonable time of night or day).


Who tackles ASB?
Different types of anti-social behaviour are dealt with by different agencies and it is important that you contact the right one for your particular concern. Here is a guide to which agency deals with which type of ASB.
Police - Anti-social use of motor vehicles, Begging, Criminal damage or vandalism, Drug dealing, Inappropriate use of fireworks, Intimidation or harassment, Misuse of air guns, Rowdy and nuisance behaviour and Street drinking/anti-social drinking

Surrey Heath Borough Council - Abandoned vehicles, Discarded drugs paraphernalia, Graffiti, Litter and discarded rubbish, fly tipping and fly posting, Street trading, Street drinking/anti-social drinking -if related to premises selling alcohol

Surrey Heath Borough Council – Environmental Health Department - Noise, noisy neighbours, loud music, noise from businesses

Registered social landlords - Noisy tenants

Surrey Drug and Alcohol Team - Drugs misuse

Surrey County Council Trading standards - Storage, sale and supply of fireworks
Useful anti-social behaviour contacts
Crimestoppers – report incidents anonymously           0800 555 111
Neighbourhood Watch                                               101
Surrey Police                                                             101
Surrey County Council Trading Standards                  01372 371700
Surrey Drug and Alcohol Action Team (DAAT)         01372 205790
Surrey Heath Borough Council                                   01276 707100
Victim Support                                                           0845 389 9528
In an emergency always call 999