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Your Neighbourhood

Kevin Simpkins

Sgt Kevin Simpkins

ID Number: 1566

I am one of three sergeants covering Tandridge and supervise a team of Neighbourhood Specialist Officers (NSOs) and Police Community Support officers (PCSOs). I joined Surrey Police in 1988 and subsequently worked in various stations throughout East Surrey.
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Terri Hardie

Sgt Terri Hardie

ID Number: 3120

I am your Neighbourhood Sergeant for Tandridge. I’m proud to say that I have 25 years service with Surrey Police and to work in Neighbourhood policing is a pleasure. I have the opportunity and time to meet and work with people on the issues that really concern them in their community. I have a wide range of skills from other departments including investigation and public protection which I can utilise if the need arises. I work out of Caterham Police station but regularly attend local panel meetings in the Tandridge area. This allows me to hear first hand the issues and good work that is happening in the area. This also allows me to be accessible and approachable.
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Mike Simmonds

Sgt Mike Simmonds

ID Number: 1977

I am one of three sergeants covering Tandridge and supervise a team of Neighbourhood Specialist Officers (NSOs) and Police Community Support officers (PCSOs). The Tandridge team work primarily from three locations in the district: Caterham Police Station, Tandridge District Council offices (Oxted) and Lingfield and Dormansland Community Centre. I joined Surrey Police in 1995 and subsequently worked in Redhill, Reigate, Banstead and (on promotion in 2000) Farnham. In 2001 I returned to East Surrey having been posted to Tandridge. I helped form the new Safer Neighbourhood Team in 2003 and have been based at Tandridge District Council offices since July 2011.
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Community safety specialist roles

Police Sergeant Penny Goodale has overall responsibility of the team:

Crime Reduction Advisors

Mark Howells and Neil Clarke

We can offer you free advice on how to prevent and reduce crime and advice on how you can reduce the chances of becoming a victim or repeat victim of crime.  

Casualty Reduction Officers

Pete Hawkins and John Fruen

We assist in neighbourhood issues that involve speeding, parking and anti-social driving. Offering education in partnership with Surrey County Council to the community to prevent and reduce casualties on the road.

Licensing Officers

Jacquie Clark and Murrae Hume

We work closely with local officers, Local Authorities and other partner agencies to quickly identify licensed premises that are causing the community the greatest issues.

Youth Intervention Officers

Jo Dootson, Hayley Reed, Julie O’Riordan and Colette Stoner

We work to educate young people on how to stay safe as well as supporting those who have been victims of crime. We also work to prevent offending or re-offending and anti-social behaviour.