To apply for a firearm or shotgun licence, read this information carefully and then download the appropriate form from the ‘Downloads’ section below.

Download and print the required form, (it cannot be saved for later), and complete by hand. Please check you have signed it and enclosed the necessary items before sending:

  • completed application form
  • one photograph
  • the appropriate fee (see below)

You can post applications and enquiries to:

Firearms and Explosives Licensing Unit
Sussex Police Headquarters
Malling House
Church Lane
East Sussex

and not to your local police station or local Firearms Enquiry Officer. Please note that whichever local authority you pay your community charge to will determine which police force you must apply to.

Renewal applications should be returned to us eight weeks before expiry of your current certificate in order that all enquiries can be completed in good time. It will be dealt with by a Civilian Firearms Enquiry Officer, who will contact you in due course to arrange an interview and advise you on security requirements. Please do not take any action on security until advised.

Firearm certificates

Grant of firearm certificate £88
Renewal of firearm certificate £62
Variation of a firearm certificate (other than when it is renewed at the same time) to increase the number of firearms to which the certificate relates £20
Replacement of a firearm certificate lost or destroyed £4

Shotgun certificates

Grant of a shotgun certificate £79.50
Renewal of a shotgun certificate £49
Replacement of a shotgun certificate lost of destroyed £4

Coterminous certificates

Firearms and Shotgun Certificates valid for the same dates

Coterminous grants £90
Coterminous renewal £65

Registered firearms dealers

Registration or renewal £200
Additional premises £13

Visitors' permits

Individual visitor's permit £20
Group visitors' permit (groups of six or more valid for the same dates) £100

Please note, all cheques should be made payable to Surrey Police, and all cash payments must be received in the correct amount.