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Reporting lost and found property

Find out how you can report lost property.

Lost an item of property?

If you have lost an item of property please visit the Virtual Bumblebee website to report it to the police and, if you choose, to display it to the public.

You will be sent an email confirming your report and giving you a reference number. After you have added the details of your property to the system you will be invited to Register an Interest based on the property. An email message will automatically be sent to you if and when an item matching yours is reported to the system as found.

Found an item of property?

If you have found someone’s property you should contact your local police station, find your local police site here, call 101, or report online. You can hold onto the property found, on the understanding that if the owner comes forward you must hand it over. After 28 days the item becomes yours if nobody has claimed it. Any subsequent dispute over ownership could be resolved through the civil court.

You are not permitted to hold onto the property if there is reasonable belief that it is subject of crime or contains personal data (such as cameras, mobile phones, laptops). You would also not be able to keep any financial cards, any item that has a recordable medium, or any firearms, weapons or other dangerous items. These must be handed into a police station.


Found someone's lost property? Search a dedicated lost property listings website, Virtual Bumblebee, to see if they have reported it lost.

In the first instance, please contact your local police station to report it. Find your local police site.

If the person has reported losing their property, and has listed it on the Virtual Bumblebee website, you can search the website and then contact the person letting them know you have found their property.

Search the dedicated lost property listings website Virtual Bumblebee.

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