Millions of people travel around in London every day on various forms of transport – whether it be buses, trains, the Underground, taxis, minicabs, pedicabs, two wheels and on foot. Here are some useful tips designed to help you stay safe.


Sit downstairs or close to the driver on a double-decker night bus, where they can see you. Likewise avoid sitting in an empty carriage on trains and the Underground.


Tubes and trains

Always try to avoid sitting in an empty carriage where you are more vulnerable.



If you choose to discover London on a bike, do be extra careful, especially in traffic, and keep your distance from buses and large vehicles, as they may turn suddenly and not see you. And remember that we drive on the left.



Take great care when crossing the road. Always try to cross at marked crossing points and remember to look both ways as traffic, including cycles, may be coming from a different direction.

At night, avoid walking alone in places such as parks and side streets or any unfamiliar environment. If you must walk, then stick to busy places where there is a lot of activity and good lighting.



The famous London Taxis (black cabs) have a ‘TAXI’ light on the front, and fares are displayed on the meter. What’s more, they can be hailed in the street, booked in advance by phone, online or via mobile phone apps, and also to be found at taxi ranks; for example, outside stations, airports, hotels and nightspots.



These look like any other private car. Most of them are licensed, from reputable companies and bookable by phone, online or via mobile phone apps. However, some are unlicensed and look for customers on the streets, usually at night.

While it’s tempting after a night out to jump into the first 'minicab' you see, never get into an unbooked car because there will be no record of your journey or driver, and it puts you at risk of attack including sexual assault and robbery. They will also be uninsured in the event of an accident.

Booking your minicab means your trip will be carried out by a licensed, insured driver in a licensed, insured vehicle. A record of your journey, driver and vehicle will also be logged so that, in the event of any issues, the driver can be traced. Always be sure to make note of or take a picture of the vehicle's number plate and licence number.

Download Transport for London's free Cabwise app on your smartphone to book your nearest minicab or black cab.


Pedicabs (rickshaws)

These are legal but be careful as some drivers have been known to demand extremely large sums of money for very short rides.

So remember, always use a booked and licensed minicab, taxi, bus or the Underground – and avoid dark, quiet areas, the same as you would in any town or city.