London is one of the world’s most exciting – and safest – cities and we want to help you protect yourself and your belongings during your stay. So do take note of our advice and enjoy your stay feeling better prepared.

The dos and don’ts

Hotel safety

Do choose your hotel with care. Go for one with good reviews and security.

Do familiarise yourself with the location of fire extinguishers, fire exits, assembly points and evacuation routes when you arrive.

Do think about what you need to take with you before going out and leave valuables in the safe deposit box in your room or the hotel safe.

Do mark your bags with your name and contact number or email – on the inside too.

Do keep photocopies and details of your passport, travel documents, banking details, debit and credit card details, serial numbers and details of your devices and important contact numbers like your country’s embassy or consulate.

Do have a backup plan, such as access to a laptop, should you lose your phone and key contact numbers.

Don’t leave your room door and windows open or unlocked when you leave.

Don’t leave luggage unattended even for a few seconds. Hotel lobbies attract thieves.

Out and about

Do consider wearing a money belt.

Do keep mobile phones, cameras and laptops close at hand and never unattended.

Do beware of pickpockets.

Do be aware of who may be around you when using an ATM. See more about ATMs.

Don’t ever give your PIN to anyone, even if they claim to be an undercover police officer, which has been known to happen.

Don’t buy theatre or concert tickets from 'touts' in the street – only buy from reliable sources.

Emergency numbers

If you need the police, ambulance or fire service call 999 or 112 in an emergency. You can report non-urgent crime by calling 101.

Expensive bars

Be wary of bars in the Soho area of the West End that advertise sex shows. They may charge very high prices for non-alcoholic drinks, usually served by hostesses. You may also be charged for their company and their drinks too. So be very aware of what sort of premises you are entering and, if in doubt don't go in.