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  • Post Incident Management (Firearms and Non Firearms) Policy

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    This policy provides comprehensive guidance and direction for officers on how to deal with incidents of death or serious injury in or following custody or following contact with police and includes the implementation of Post Incident Management. In the case of firearms related incidents, this means where shots have been discharge by police or where an investigation into the Police action is being conducted.

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  • Freedom of Information (FOI) - Requests For Information Policy

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    This Policy sets out the process to be followed when a Freedom of Information request is received.

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  • Pursuit Policy

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    This Policy is required to ensure that Surrey and Sussex Police (collectively the Forces) have in place an unambiguous pursuit policy which is congruent with the structure of the respective forces, vehicle fleet and command and management processes, but recognizes the collaboration of Operations Command (OC) and adheres to the principles of the College of Policing (CoP) authorized Professional practice (APP) for Police Pursuits.

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  • Staff Name Disclosure Policy

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    This guidance provides the circumstances under which members of staff can expect their names to be given to a customer.

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  • Repeat Victim Policy

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    This document outlines Surrey Police's commitment to repeat victims.

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  • Business Interests and Additional Work Policy

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    This policy outlines the definition of a business interest and additional work (hereafter ‘business interest’), the process by which it must be declared and the circumstances in which members of Surrey and Sussex Police may be prohibited from undertaking such activity and their responsibility to declare business interests in order that each force can be satisfied that there is no conflict of interest.

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  • Surrey Police will provide the required number of CBRN PSU's as directed by national guidance in order to support the national model response plan to a CBRN incident.

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  • Data Protection Breach Policy

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    The Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA) is based around six principles of 'good information handling@. These give people specific rights in relation to their personal information and place certain obligations on Surrey Police who are responsible for processing it.

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  • Cannabis - Policing Offenses of Possession Policy

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    This policy will allow the effective policing of possession of cannabis offences ensuring a proportionate response to the offender and safeguarding the integrity of police officers.

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  • Safer Neighbourhood Teams Policy - Abstraction

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    This policy is required to ensure Safer Neighbourhood Teams (SNT) spend as much time as possible visibly delivering neighbourhood policing and community problem solving within their assigned Borough/District and that abstractions from their core role are kept to a minimum.

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