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  • Asset Management Policy

    80KB Reading Time: 1 minute

    Surrey Police Holds assets to the net book value of £94m. These assets are catergorised under land and Buildings, ICT, Furniture and Equipment, Vehicles, Plant Surplus Assets, intangibles and Assets under construction.

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  • Public Order Unit Policy

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    This policy outlines the commitment and articulates the principles by which both Sussex and Surrey Police Operations Command (OC) Public Order Training unit (POTU) will discharge its functions in relation to the authorized Professional Practice (APP) Public Safety establishment and training criteria.

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  • Use of Force

    77KB Reading Time: 1 minute

    This document outlines the Force's policy on the use of force.

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  • Vetting Policy

    88KB Reading Time: 1 minute

    This policy provides comprehensive details on all vetting procedures for Surrey and Sussex Police that could undermine the security of individuals and the integrity of both Forces.

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  • Digital Imaging Policy

    72KB Reading Time: 1 minute

    This policy details how digital images should be captured and managed when using digital cameras for both evidential and non eventual purposes in Surrey.

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  • Treatment of Offenders Policy

    70KB Reading Time: 1 minute

    This document outlines the Force's policy on the treatment of offenders

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  • Business Continuity Managment Policy

    82KB Reading Time: 1 minute

    This policy is about Business Continuity Management (BCM) and describes how to identify business prioritised activities, strengthen them against failure and produce plans that maintain a minimum level of service when prioritised activities are disrupted.

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  • Custody Policy

    98KB Reading Time: 4 minutes

    This policy is in place to set out Surrey Police’s position on the handling of persons in custody

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  • Hate Crime Policy

    147KB Reading Time: 5 minutes

    This document sets out the Force policy in relation to Hate Crime.

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  • Parking at Police Stations Policy

    71KB Reading Time: 1 minute

    To provide a vehicle parking policy for all officers and staff.

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