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  • Property - Seized, Lost and Found Policy

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    This document outlines the Force's policy on seized, lost and found property.

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  • Risk Management Policy

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    This document aims to protect the Force and the Police and Crime Commissioner from the adverse effects of events or consequesnces that could have been anticipated and controlled. It consists of a policy statement and the strategic management initiatives that set out to manage risk.

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  • Stop and Search Policy

    83KB Reading time: 1 minute

    This Policy Document sets out Surrey Police's approach to Stop and Search.

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  • Taken Into Consideration (TIC) Policy

    75KB Reading time: 1 minute

    This document outlines the Force's policy with regard to offences Taken into Consideration.

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  • Counter Terroism Security Co-ordinator (CT SecCo) Policy

    82KB Reading time: 1 minute

    This Policy outlines the role and use of Counter Terrorism Security Co-ordinators (CT SecCo).

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  • Warrants (Arrest) Policy

    72KB Reading time: 1 minute

    This document explains the Force's policy for dealing with arrests warrants

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  • Restraint in Mental Health and Medical Establishments Policy

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    The purpose of this policy is to outline the way in which requests to physically restrain patients within mental health (MH) and medical establishments, who are displaying aggressive or volatile behavior and where staff request intervention to regain control must be dealt with. This includes physical restraint for the purpose of administering medication including sedation.

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  • Search Wing Policy

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    This policy outlines the commitment and articulates the principles by which both Surrey and Sussex Police Operations Command Search Wing will discharge its functions in relation to the management and deployment of Police Search Advisors (PolSA's) and Licensed Search Officers (LSO's) and the use of volunteer search assets to ensure a consistent approach is adopted across both Forces in order to achieve best evidence in support of organizational objectives.

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  • Seizure of Legally Held Firearms and Certificates

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    Due to the number of Firearm holders, Firearms Dealers and clubs within the Surrey and Sussex police area; it is essential that each Force has a process in place whereby the suitability of existing and future firearms licence holders is robustly assessed and, where any risk is identified, firearms and certificates can be withdrawn or seized by Police.

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  • Asset Management Policy

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    Surrey Police Holds assets to the net book value of £94m. These assets are catergorised under land and Buildings, ICT, Furniture and Equipment, Vehicles, Plant Surplus Assets, intangibles and Assets under construction.

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