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  • Police Victim Right to Review (PVVR) Policy

    82KB Reading Time: 2 minutes

    This document sets out the force policy in relation to the Police Victim Right to Review (PVRR). This policy and procedure sets out the principles and process for PVRR schemes in accordance with the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) guidance on PVRR and in compliance with the Code of Practice for Victims of Crime. PVRR relates to a right for a victim to ask for a review of a decision not to prosecute a suspect.

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  • Investigation Policy

    81KB Reading Time: 3 minutes

    This Policy sets out the Force's guiding principles for criminal investigations.

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  • Procurement Policy

    87KB Reading Time: 2 minutes

    Procurement is the acquisition of goods, services and works and covers the full life cycle from identification of the business need through to disposal of the asset or service.

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  • Community Resolution Policy

    74KB Reading Time: 1 minute

    Surrey Police supports Community Resolution as a tool to enable the Police to make decisions about how to deal more proportionately with lower level crime.

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  • Anti-Social Behaviour Policy

    76KB Reading Time: 2 minutes

    This document explains the Force's Policy for reducing ASB and building confidence in our communities and securing safer neighbourhoods.

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  • Crime Recording Policy

    71KB Reading Time: 1 minute

    This document sets out Force policy to ensure compliance with the National Crime Recording Standards (NCRS), the Home Office Counting Rules (HOCR) and the National Standard of Incident Recording Standards (NSIR.)

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  • Promotion Following Misconduct Policy

    78KB Reading Time: 1 minute

    This document details the force’s policy on the promotion of staff following misconduct proceedings.

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  • Animals Policy

    70KB Reading Time: 1 minute

    This Document sets out the Force's policy in dealing with animals which are seized, lost, found and stray. Public safety and the welfare of animals are the primary concerns of this Policy and related Procedures.

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  • Victim Care Policy

    74KB Reading Time: 2 minutes

    This Document outlines Surrey's Police's commitment to victim care, providing victim support services and outlines the Forces statutory obligations to victims of crime

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  • Unauthorised Encampment Policy

    78KB Reading Time: 2 minutes

    This Policy is required to detail how the police respond to reports of unauthorized encampments in Surrey.

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