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  • Surrey Police Retention Schedule

    61KB Reading Time: 10 minutes

    The Surrey Police Retention Schedule.

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  • Privacy Notice_Force_Full_V2.1

    637KB Reading Time: 6 minutes

    This is the Force Privacy Notice for Surrey Police.

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  • Information Management Strategy

    624KB Reading Time: 8 minutes

    The Information Management Unit (IMU) is responsible for the management, handling, processing, retention and quality of information held by Surrey Police. Comprised of Information Management Team (IMT), Management of Police Information (MoPI), Data Quality, Data Protection, Policy and Procedures and the Records and Evidence Centre (REC). The Unit ensures compliance with Data Protection legislation as well as safeguarding and supporting Force wide compliance.

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  • ROPA - Record Of Processing Activities Document

    383KB Reading Time: 5 minutes

    Record of processing activities - ROPA

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  • Privacy Notice_Force_Child Friendly_V1.1

    269KB Reading Time: 5 minutes

    Privacy Notice_Force_Child Friendly_V1.1

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  • Privacy Notice_Force_People Services_V2.1

    762KB Reading Time: 5 minutes

    Privacy Notice_Force_People Services_V2.1

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  • Privacy Notice_JFVU_V1.2

    467KB Reading Time: 5 minutes

    Privacy Notice_JFVU_V1.2

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  • Asset Management Policy

    113KB Reading Time: 3 minutes

    Asset Management Policy

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  • Anti-Social Behaviour Policy

    120KB Reading Time: 5 minutes

    Anti-Social Behaviour Policy

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  • Risk Management Policy

    140KB Reading Time: 5 minutes

    Risk Management Policy

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