The main towns in Mole Valley are Dorking and Leatherhead. There are also many villages including Ashtead, Fetcham, Bookham, Capel and Leigh. There are 13 Parish Councils reflecting the number of smaller village communities in the district. The River Mole runs through Leatherhead and south through Dorking and gave the name to the district.

Mole Valley is well visited due to the number of tourist sites in the area including Polesdon Lacey, Box Hill, Leith Hill, Denbies Wine Estate (the UK’s largest vineyard) and its coverage with the Surrey Hills Area of Natural Beauty. The North Downs and its footpaths go through the district.

Mole Valley District Council has its main offices at Pippbrook in Dorking where the police office is based.

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Sgt Dan Henderson


Sgt Lee Wells


PC Sue Gargini


PC Ewan Keen


PC Elliott Hartley
PC John Hench
PC Jenny Juffs
PC Jess Ratcliffe

PC James Bromfield
PC Briony Cole

  • Dave Sadler - Rural Crime
  • James Weston - Rural Crime
  • Penny Newman - Dorking Town and Goodwyns Estate
  • Andrew Whiteley - Dorking Town and Goodwyns Estate
  • Marion Hawkins - Bookham and Fetcham
  • Bob Apperley - Leatherhead
  • Alaxander Daniels - Leatherhead
  • Pauline Daly - Ashstead
  • Lindy Hotze - Leatherhead North
  • Lou Lilly - Leatherhead North

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Additional questions for the Borough Commander

If you feel it is abandoned it should be reported to MVDC.

We have dedicated a lot of resources to patrolling Box Hill and the surrounding villages since COVID began and it remains a priority. The anti-social and noisy driving also remains a priority.

I know other forces do this but this isn’t something we have capacity to process at the moment. If you see a significant incident it can be reported through our internet site.

This is something that PCSOs and Police Officers should address if they come across it whilst on patrol. We don’t have enough concern to set up a specific operation to tackle this at the moment.

I think this question has been addressed through a separate email chain. Sgt Lee Wells has asked PCSO Marion Hawkins to make sure she maintains her regular contact.

The site we have purchased is the former ERA site on Cleeve Road at Leatherhead, read the news story here -