Although close to London, the district is very rural; with 90% covered by Green Belt. The district covers 110 square miles and borders Croydon in the North, East Grinstead in the South, Sevenoaks in the East, and Redhill in the West.

Tandridge has a population of approximately 85,400. which is the third smallest in Surrey. It is a district of contrasts, with busy commuter towns alongside leafy rural villages.

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Sgt Fee Mead
Sgt James Pegg
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PC Wayne Stephens


PC Kevin Stimson


PC Sarah Adams
PC Leessa Crouch

  • Terry Pearson - Rural Crime
  • Kerrie Furlong - Caterham Valley, Caterham Hill, Chaldon, Whyteleafe and Potley
  • Vicky Seymour - Caterham Valley, Caterham Hill, Chaldon, Whyteleafe and Potley
  • Rupert Kelley - Warlingham, Woldingham, and Tatsfield
  • Amy Ord - Caterham Valley, Caterham Hill, Chaldon, Whyteleafe, Portley
  • Danusia Maltby - Warlingham, Woldingham, and Tatsfield
  • Stuart Wren - Bletchingley, Nutfield, Godstone, Blindley Heath, Oxted, and Felbridge
  • Henry Pilbrow - Dormans, Lingfield, Smallfield, Outwood, and Felbridge
  • Lorraine Wells - Bletchingley, Nutfield, Godstone, Blindley Heath, Outwood, and Felbridge
  • Conrad Cheeseman - Dormansland, Lingfield, Smallfield, Outwood, and Felbridge
  • Rachel Gridley - Dormansland, Lingfield, Smallfield, Outwood, and Felbridge
  • Lisa Cobby - Oxted, Hurst Green, Tandridge, Limpsfield and Crowhurst

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Additional questions for the Borough Commander

The vast majority of the Surrey public have and continue to adhere to government guidelines. This is very similar across Surrey.

The reported Crime (overall) has reduced in Tandridge this year by 18.1%

There has been a national rise in fraud related offences during the pandemic. This is policed both locally to ensure those most vulnerable are protected and nationally with Action Fraud taking the lead in the majority of cases. We urge the public to report any incidents of fraudulent activity.

Report any suspicious behaviour/activity to Police. Do not leave dogs unattended/out of sight and remain vigilant of any persons claiming to be working on behalf of the RSPCA/other agency. There have been incidents nationally, where persons have claimed to be working on behalf of the RSPCA with a requirement to seize the dog. Any person legitimately working for such an agency will have an ID, which can then be verified.

Dispersal orders are a short term intervention to tackle Anti Social Behaviour, which can be authorised by an Inspector for a period not exceeding 48 hours (and they do not need to run consecutively).

We encourage the public to report any anti-social behaviour to Police. This allows us to target our resources effectively and develop the intelligence/information around a particular issue so we can then look to take further action.

Could you please get in touch via messenger to discuss this further.

Following the dispersal order in Oxted, we saw a significant decrease in the volume of incidents reported relating to Anti Social Behaviour in Oxted. That said, we continue to review and monitor incidents as to the necessity for CCTV.

The legislation does not allow it. The Police and Crime Commissioner and Chief Constable, as two corporation soles, can only engage in activities that directly have a policing purpose. We do not have a legal 'duty of competence' that allows us to make money on other ventures, e.g. property, to fund policing activities.

We have a course of 9 specials in progress at the moment and we hope to recruit and train a further 36 new Special Constables this year (2020). In terms of Police Support Volunteers, these are recruited specifically in response to demand within our policing teams, so we do not have a specific target number of volunteers to recruit within any given timeframe. We are continually developing new volunteer roles with our policing teams and all our volunteer opportunities are advertised via our website. If anyone has any specific questions they can contact us at [email protected]

The BLM protests made us all realise there is more we can do, but it's not just about recruiting black officers. We need to make sure we are representative and inclusive of our communities. Part of that is encouraging black, asian and minority ethnic candidates to apply to join us, but I want to go further and make sure they have confidence to share their experiences with us, show us how to do things differently and help us understand differences within our communities. Our next Virtual Inclusion Team PC recruitment information evening is on Thursday 25 February at 6pm. You can register via the Diversity and Mentoring Scheme information on our website, which is under the careers section.

There were 105 unauthorised encampments in Surrey last year.

Surrey Police are developing a Net Zero carbon plan, and transport and fleet form a big part of our plan to reduce our emissions. I'm really keen that we use electric or hybrid vehicles where we can. We must consider though that the vehicles still must be fit for the purpose we need. We've even trialled hybrid cars on our Roads Policing Unit and a hydrogen fuel cell car.

We have a dedicated team working to minimise any impact of Brexit upon policing. With regard to intelligence-led operations we should see very little change as we retained access to most EU systems, or different versions of agreements such as the European Arrest Warrant.

Over the past 2 years we have had 4 Female Genital Mutilation incidents reported to us, but we know it is under-reported. We have a dedicated team of specialists working with out Public Protection team who advise and train on FGM as well as Forced Marriage.

The crime satisfaction rate which was published this week for the last quarter of 2020 showed overall satisfaction at 69.6%. Considering the range of people and issues we deal with, this is considered to be high, and compares very well with most other forces. We're doing well in some areas, like our initial contact, but have some work to do around other, such as keeping people informed or being clear on the actions we take, so we're working on this with officers and staff to help them understand how to communicate better with those we deal with.