Waverley is considered an area of historic beauty within the Surrey Hills and has been described as the most prosperous council in the United Kingdom. It comprises of three principle towns, Godalming, Farnham, Haslemere and the largest village in the UK, Cranleigh. Within these boundaries there are many small villages and parishes some of which have their own local council under the overall umbrella of Waverley Borough Council. The borough is located between the North and South Downs (a Wealden borough) predominantly within the Green Belt and pockets within the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The borough is named after Waverley Abbey, near Farnham, the earliest Cistercian monastery in Britain. Much of the west of the borough echoes former ownership by the abbey, such as Waverley Cricket Club.


Sgt Andrew Crane


Sgt Claire Sutherland


PC Barry Baldwin (Farnham)


PC Christian Skillicorn-Aston (Godalming)

PC Dani Sharp (Farnham)


PC Gavin Greenaway (Cranleigh)

PC Katherine Farmer (Haslemere)


PC David Barnes


PC Laura Snedden


  • PCSO James Levy


  • PCSO Kimberley Oliver


  • PCSO Trevor Ward



  • PCSO Billy Perry


  • PCSO Daniel Burrell

  • PCSO Karen Phillips


  • PCSO Felicity Lock


  • PCSO Claire Thayer



  • PCSO Richard Platt


  • PCSO John Francis


  • PCSO Kerry Guy


Rural Crimes Officer

  • PCSO Dave Boxall


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Additional questions for the Borough Commander

The Neighbourhood Specialist Officer for Cranleigh and the surrounding villages is PC 40221 Gavin Greenaway and he is full time. He is also supported by 2 Police Community Support Officers, PCSO Felicity Lock an PCSO Claire Thayer.

I am not aware of any police involvement in closing council car parks. This would appear to be a complaint to raise with the county council.

The policing team are not aware of any plans to install speed bumps or cameras on this road. However, the Specialist Neighbourhood Team will be focusing on different areas each month to carry out speed enforcement, and I will add this road to our list. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

A location of a refuge will never be made public information. I would need some more information to answer this question further.

You have answered your own question. It’s very important.  The Police Service operates by a Code of Ethics, which can be read on the College of Policing website.

We aim to register and assess complaints within 28 days, but we are currently dealing with a backlog due to the pandemic restrictions and the Christmas and New Year period.

There is currently a shortage of detectives but we have recently launched the fast-track detective programme, and have a number of detective courses planned for this year for current PCs.

In October 2020 Surrey launched a new entry route in to policing as a detective which means that after completing their initial training and gaining independent patrol, the new officers will commence a fast tracked programme in to investigations to gain accreditation as a Detective Constable.  The implementation of this new route, along with utilising the Police Now Detective entry route will enable us to meet our Detective Constable establishment in 2021. However, there will be a significant proportion of our officers working towards accreditation.  We have 28 officers on our Detective programme and 36 officers joining us through Police Now Detectives.

During 2021/2022 we have plans to continue with our internal development pathway of existing uniformed officers, including supporting them to study and take the National Investigators Exam and supporting detectives with a detective recognition payment for the unique and demanding work they carry out. We have 2 additional intakes of new officers on to the detective entry route (approximately 24 in total). 

We have one dedicated rural crime officer in Waverley but all officers deal with and investigate rural crime. The dedicated officer is there to look for trends in offending, to offer support of guidelines to officers with rural investigations and to work with the rural community and partner agencies to tackle rural crimes.

All thefts should be reported to the Police either on 101 or via the website at www.surrey.police.uk. In an emergency or if a crime is in progress, then call 999. Having reviewed reported crimes over the last 10 days, I have been unable to find any reports of stolen dogs in the Waverley area. If you are able to provide me with some more detail or a crime reference number then I can look into it further. I can be contacted at [email protected] - PS 2097 Claire Sutherland Specialist Neighbourhood Team.

We now have a dedicated Neighbourhood Specialist Officer, PC 2816 Chris Skillicorn-Aston, for Godalming, Farncombe and nearby villages. He is supported by 3 Police Community Support Officers, PCSO Trevor Ward, PCSO Kim Oliver and PCSO James Levy. Over the last 18 months, The team have been working with our partners at Waverley Borough Council, British Transport Police and the Police’s ASB Specialist to deal with the ASB that had been occurring in Farncombe. To date, there have been a number of Criminal Behaviour Orders issued to young people to restrict their behaviour, Closure Warning Notices, Partial Closure Orders and Full Closure Orders issued to Council tenants to stop ASB. We have seen a significant decrease in the number of ASB incidents being reported to the police over the last year in this area. We have, in partnership with Waverley Borough Council, erected  a number of signs and notices around Godalming and Farncombe reminding the community to report incidents to the Police and we would encourage you to do so.

Our figures show an increase in Anti-social behaviour however these are not a reflection on what I would call ‘true’ anti-social behaviour as currently all Coronavirus incidents are being recorded as anti-social behaviour. The policing team feel that Anti-social behaviour has fallen during the lockdown periods and we are working with our partner agencies to prepare for when the weather improves and lockdown measures are lifted. The safer neighbourhood team are currently working with the council to get a public space protection order which give the police more powers to deal with anti-social behaviour in Godalming town centre.

We now have a dedicated police officer for Haslemere who is supported by two police community support officers. The team are well aware of the issues and conduct regular patrol of the area and are working with the British Transport Police to tackle the problem.

In 2010 there were 25 places where the public could visit a police front-counter, 24 were police posts or stations and 1 co-located.   These were a mixture of owned and leased buildings.   In 2010, the then Chief Constable advised the Police Authority (who were previously responsible for police governance before the introduction of Police and Crime Commissioners) that these buildings were under-utilised and many had a low public footfall and that police officers were increasingly working out in communities with new Mobile Technology rather than out of buildings.

He advised that these should be reduced and where owned should be sold in order to be able to invest in 100 more police officers   The Police Authority carried out a public consultation and agreed to these plans.   In 2020/2021, Surrey Police maintain a presence in every borough and there are now six places in Surrey where the public can visit a police front-counter - three in police owned buildings and three co-located with Local Authority partners.  There are also many different ways the public can contact police, including telephone, online reporting and social media.


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