Inclusion is at the forefront of Surrey Police, from helping officers and staff identify and address diversity issues, to continually developing and improving relations between police and the wider community. 

It is important for us to make sure our staff and officers have a sense of belonging from the moment they join our police family. We welcome applications from people from all backgrounds who share our ambition to make Surrey safe and feel safe, and who are motivated to work respectfully with the communities we serve.

So… do we do this?

  • We ensure equal opportunities are provided to all Surrey Police employees.
  • Provide a united voice through our staff networks to our senior leaders to challenge ideas and champion concerns.
  • Assist with career development and ensure members are supported during times of difficulty or discipline.

We give officers and staff a voice to express the change they wish to see and by having challenging conversations that lead to the change desired. We firmly believe that all of our officers and staff should feel welcomed to the Surrey Police family.

We aim to ensure people are being treated fairly and have a number of support networks that allow our staff a voice. Staff Networks act as a support mechanism for staff and officers from under-represented groups. Surrey Police is also proud to be a member of Stonewall, Disability Confident and Working Families, and in support of the HeforShe movement.

We believe that as an organisation we'll benefit from the variety of thinking, approach and skills that diversity can bring, and value the differences that people bring from all backgrounds and communities. Regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, disability, social status or religious beliefs, we would love to hear from you. The best way to serve Surrey’s communities is to provide the best talent possible by valuing difference and so we strive to improve our support networks and work environment to create a more diverse and inclusive force.

Our Chief Constable, Gavin Stephens, has set out in Our Commitments 2020-2025 our goals for our people, divided into three main themes; professional, proud and inclusive, which you can read here.

Watch the video below about our organisational culture at Surrey Police:

Positive Action

Positive Action forms part of the Equality Act 2010 and promotes equality of opportunity. We have a duty to ensure Surrey Police is representative of the community we serve and therefore apply Positive Action to create a level playing field for applicants of all backgrounds. Positive Action aims to remove barriers for those with a protected characteristic that is underrepresented in our workforce.

It is important to recognise that every candidate who is successful during the recruitment process has achieved this on their own merit. Positive Action does not limit applications to individuals with specific characteristics or recruit a candidate with a protected characteristic over a higher scoring candidate who does not.

But what Positive Action can do is support individuals from underrepresented groups by:

  • Offering a bespoke mentoring scheme which is aimed at guiding applicants from diverse communities through the recruitment process.
  • Promoting recruitment into the force from Black, Asian and minority ethnic candidates.

  • Hosting regular recruitment information events.

  • Working to retain our existing talent ensuring all colleagues are given fair opportunity for progression and career development.

If you think you could benefit from some support from our Positive Action Team please contact them on, whether we are currently open for recruitment or not.

Flexible working

We recognise the benefits of flexible working and are committed to equality of opportunity. We will support opportunities for flexible working where practical and suitable to promote a work-life balance and enable the recruitment and retention of a workforce which is representative of the diverse communities we serve.

We offer many part-time and full-time opportunities. Flexible working requests can be submitted following 26 weeks service for staff roles and upon completion of full-time training for Police Officers. Each application for flexible working will be assessed and determined on its own merits, taking into account the needs of the individual balanced with the operational requirements of the force.

The Disability Support Group (DSG) aims to promote an organisational culture that enables staff and officers with or who are affected by disabilities. The network provides an open space to discuss issues with disabilities, both hidden and visual, and assess the impact these issues have on officers and staff in Surrey Police.

DSG pursues ways of raising awareness of all forms of disability and opening discussions about all matters related to disability, to promote a culture of acceptance without judgment.

The Surrey Police Women's network is a network of officers and staff established to value women in policing. Members of the network come together to exchange ideas, information and support to address issues impacting on female officers and staff.

The Network provides Women across the organisation with an opportunity to strengthen confidences by building strong work relationships and enhancing skills through regular events and updates and opportunities.


'The Women’s Network is a platform where members can share their unique experiences, ideas and discuss issues that matter in a safe space to help tackle the distinctive challenges we face. A problem shared is a problem halved! To me the Network is an opportunity for me to give something back; to support other women to achieve their goals and potential, and to contribute towards improving the experiences, of all, in the workplace.'

Rachel Roberts – Victim and Witness Care Unit

'I have been involved with the Women’s Network (and its previous incarnations) throughout my service, using the opportunity to network with, and support women from across the county in different roles.

Recently through the Women’s Network I was able to raise with the Force the possibility of gender specific Personal Safety Training.  The idea came from conversations with female officers across the force at all ranks who felt that they would be more comfortable training within a gender-specific environment.  As a result of working with the Training Team such training is now available and officers can choose if they want to train within that sort of environment.  It’s just one small project that’s given women a choice and I’m pleased that I and the Network were able to be part of that.'  

Detective Chief Inspector Charlotte Rimmer.

The LGBT+ network is a confidential support network in recognition that not all members may be out. They offer confidential advice and support for those wanting to come out in the workplace.

The network raises awareness of LGBT+ issues affecting staff, officers and Surrey’s communities. Membership is open to all Surrey Police staff who are supportive of the network’s aims. Members can also attend events such as Pride, Proud to be Your Friend and national LGBT+ conferences.

Surrey Police Association of Culture & Ethnicity (SPACE) aims to observe, promote and support cultural awareness with Surrey Police and community via mentoring and support for minority ethnic origin colleague. SPACE liaises with internal and external associations to break down barriers and promote a climate of respect and dignity within the force and the wider communities. The network provides a supportive and social environment for its members.

SPACE hosts regular events and seminars throughout the year with the aim of promoting cultural understanding. Overall SPACE aims to give a voice to officers and staff of minority ethnic origin on issues of diversity and equality.

'To me SPACE is a safe place and a group of people where you can speak with likeminded people, experiencing similar issues and somewhere to seek ideas, help and support. SPACE is a place to bring together difference and to ensure the organisation is supported and held to account for policies and procedures that undermine the fabric of why we are here – a force for everyone and one where people feel valued and treated with respect, dignity and impartiality.'

Detective Superintendent Sailesh Limbachia

'SPACE gives me an opportunity to build relationships, through taking part in activities, sharing testimonials, and shining a light on how and why our Police family is enriched by those that have overcome trials and tribulation to take their rightful place at the table. It strengthens our internal communities and shines a light on our moral and ethical responsibilities, in line with the Code of Ethics. We should expect our Police Force to be a beacon of hope, and SPACE helps fuel that.

It’s a safe place where people of all backgrounds and ranks have an equal input into furthering the cause of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic officers and staff.'

Luke Smith – Contact Centre Officer

Surrey´s Christian Police Association (CPA) seeks to be a voice for Christians in Surrey Police. The CPA are involved in supporting a number of events at local churches. Regular prayer meetings are also held at Surrey Police bases for officers and staff to attend.

All are welcome, Christians and anyone who does not consider themselves a Christian but wants to find out more about Christianity. These meetings are a good way to get to know people around the force and make friends.

Well Together is a Staff Network established to provide a platform for discussion for us all about all matters relating to health and wellbeing. It is an environment where officers and staff can talk openly about health and wellbeing in a non-judgmental and supportive space.

The network aims to improve access to support mechanisms and assist managers in considering reasonable adjustments for both short, and long term health or wellbeing issues. The network’s overall goal is to improve and enhance wellbeing at work.

Surrey Police are committed to supporting employees with caring responsibilities. We strive to ensure inclusivity within our force for carers and support/advice is available through our CSG (Carers Support Group). Alongside guidance for carers we are also able to offer guidance to line managers where needed.

We work closely with Surrey Action for Carers who are able to provide you with further information/ advice and support. As a Surrey Police employee, you can benefit from the charity expert support even if you reside outside of Surrey.


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