Information about our staff networks.

Our Christian Police Association (CPA) is a network of officers and staff around the county who share in a regular email prayer group. Some members also belong to the national Christian Police Association.

Street Angels & Street Pastors

Local Christian churches are active in the community in many ways, over recent years this has included working to keep the peace in our town centres. Schemes called 'Street Pastors' and ´Street Angels´ are active in Epsom, Guildford, Staines, Camberley, Redhill and Woking. These schemes also include people of other faiths and none and are developing in other towns.

Multi- Faith Chaplaincy

Surrey Police and The Diocese of Guildford have launched a new business plan to support the work of Chaplaincy within Surrey Police.

There are over 20 committed volunteer Chaplains co-ordinated by the Surrey Police Chaplain. They provide support to all police officers and staff, police volunteers and their families, whether they have a faith or none but still require support at a time of need.

Deputy Chief Constable Gavin Stephens said: “On behalf of Surrey Police, I am delighted to launch the Chaplaincy Business Plan in partnership with our colleagues from the Diocese of Guildford.

“Over the past few years, the multi-faith Chaplaincy service has grown from strength to strength and developed into a unique and necessary support service for our staff and the wider police family as well as our faith partners to forge closer links with the communities we serve in Surrey.

“At a time of increased demand involving harmful and complex criminality, the health and well-being of our staff is vital.  Our volunteer Chaplains offer a safe and confidential environment where officers and staff can share their concerns, for those of any faith or none.

“This business plan demonstrates our shared commitment to the Chaplaincy service in Surrey, and the valuable support it provides.”

The diocese of Guildford has a long history of providing Chaplaincy to Surrey Police and in 2009 this was formalised through a partnership agreement  with Surrey Police and Chaplaincy was developed to become a Multifaith Chaplaincy through the recruitment of local volunteer Chaplains from many different faiths to provide support to their local police teams.

This work has further evolved and the business plan sets out how both Surrey Police and the Diocese of Guildford intend the Chaplaincy to support staff and their families and volunteers, contribute to the learning and development and health and wellbeing of the organisation and staff, how the Chaplaincy can help support operational matters and also contribute to community engagement with different faith groups across Surrey.

The Archdeacon of Dorking the Venerable Paul Bryer said: “The Diocese of Guildford has worked in partnership with Surrey Police over many years to provide a multifaith Chaplaincy to support Surrey Police staff, volunteers and their families. I am delighted that together we are launching this business plan which further strengthens our joint working and support of the police in the challenging work they do in helping to make our local communities safer and stronger.”

More information about the Multi-Faith Chaplaincy plan can be found in the business plan available for download below.


The work of our Diversity Directorate and SPACE has been recognised by the CIPD as they are finalists in their prestigious People Management Awards and HR Excellence Awards.

We liaise with internal and external associations, groups, and individuals with a view to valuing diversity, promoting cultural awareness, breaking down barriers, challenging discrimination and accepting and understanding all individuals within the force and the wider community.

The association is open to all in Surrey Police and welcomes anyone willing to help in the promotion of a climate dignity and respect in which people feel accepted and understood.

SPACE is a support group consisting of officers and police staff from different cultural backgrounds. 

Our aims are to:

  • Provide support and social network for members
  • Encourage the utilisation of core skills and abilities to promote cultural understanding
  • Provide a consultative forum on police matters involving ethnic diversity issues, thus enhancing racial harmony and quality of service to the people of Surrey
  • Support Surrey Police in the long –term investment to forward the recruitment and retention of people from ethnic minorities
  • Raise the profile of, and give a voice to officers of minority ethnic origin particularly on issues of diversity and equality
  • Provide an advisory and consultative forum to Surrey Police for policies, to take full account of the needs of staff and communities with ethnic minority backgrounds
  • Work with other groups and individuals whose aims and objectives are compatible with or supportive of SPACE
  • Provide representation on the National Black Police Association in order to voice the views of ethnic minority staff on a national level
  • Provide welfare to officers and staff subject to disciplinary issues.

Our network welcomes all sections of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT+) community – although it is acknowledged that some transgender staff do not identify themselves as lesbian or gay.

Membership is open to all Surrey Police staff who are supportive of the aims of the group. We are more than happy to answer questions including those from prospective employees.

The network communicates with members through email contact – at an address specified by the member, and these pages to keep them up to date with developments locally and nationally.

Our objectives:

  • To speak with a united voice within Surrey Police
  • To provide advice and support to staff wanting to come out in the workplace (your confidentiality is guaranteed)
  • To provide mentoring to forward the recruitment and retention of people from the LGBT+ community
  • To promote awareness of LGBT+ issues within Surrey Police by working with individuals, other staff associations, NPCC and the Police and Crime Commissioner
  • To assist Surrey Police on matters affecting LGBT+ staff and communities
  • To actively promote Surrey Police as a career choice for LGBT+ members of the community
  • To work alongside the National LGBT+ Police Network.

Our network has supported Surrey Police in the introduction of LGBT+ Liaison Officers across the force area, and continues to do so.

The Women's Network is established to value women in policing and provide a way for people to come together to exchange ideas, information and support. Membership is open to all who are supportive of the Network's aims, which are focused on the recruitment, retention and progression of women in Surrey Police and addressing issues impacting on the female workforce – both officers and police staff.

Our values

Inclusive – Supportive – Inspirational – Empowering – Trustworthy – Confidential

What the Network will do:

  • Connect, build relationships and inspire each other. 
  • Share expertise to strengthen our confidence and courage to succeed.
  • Listen to the voices of women across the force and champion ideas and views. 
  • Care about the welfare of our colleagues and offer support when you need it.

The Network will be a critical friend to Surrey Police and insight captured on issues impacting on women will be used to improve practice and assist the force.

As a member, you will get updates about all the latest events and resources available to you. You will have a say on issues that matter to you and opportunities to access support, such as mentoring, informal networking events and development sessions.

Surrey Police has a Carers Support Group. Formed in 2016, it currently has close to 100 members. The group is formed of colleagues who are carers or former carers, whose objective is to provide support and guidance to those within the police family who have caring responsibilities. We recognise the amazing skill set that carers bring to policing along with times where compassion and flexibility are needed to balance work and home life.

In addition to providing support and someone to talk to the Carers Support Group works tirelessly to deliver practical benefits to carers working for Surrey Police as we seek to become an employer of choice for carers. Achievements include:-

  • Easily accessible support group containing knowledgeable and experienced carers willing and able to be there for each other.

  • Monthly newsletters with relevant information, ideas and special offers.

  • We have secured the provision of three days paid carers leave.

  • We provide awareness to line managers and seek to support both them and the carers they manage.

  • Policing is a 24/7 occupation this coupled with flexible working patterns allows for creativity when trying to manage a career alongside caring responsibilities.

  • Surrey police has achieved Silver status from Inclusive Employers in recognition of the supportive working environment the group has helped to create.

    Visit their website her for more information:

  • We have joined up with Surrey Action for Carers who provide a one stop shop for information, advice, advocacy and support this is kindly offered to all Surrey police employees not just those living in Surrey.

    Visit their website her for more information:

You are welcome to contact the Carers Support Group with any questions or concerns you may have whilst considering a career in policing this can be done via recruitment.

Well Together is a network where staff can discuss all matters relating to their health and wellbeing. Membership of the network is available to all police officers, police staff, specials and volunteers who wish to engage with and encourage an environment in which we can talk openly about our own and other's health and wellbeing in a non-judgmental and supportive space.