Find out below how to request information the police hold on you.

You can also request details of your criminal history, whether it’s for Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks, visa applications or family court proceedings. If we can’t provide the information you need, we’ll point you to somewhere that can.

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Where to request information

You can ask for information about yourself from both the Criminal Records Office (ACRO) and a local police force depending on what information you're looking for.

Both services are free.

You can ask ACRO for information about information held on the Police National Computer (PNC) which includes details of arrests, cautions and convictions.

You can ask the police for any other information held on you.

Note: To request information about an incident, you must apply to the police force where it took place. This might mean that you will have to apply to more than one police force.

Find out which force covers a location. 

How to request information

From ACRO: Visit the ACRO Criminal Records Office website, where you'll get full details of how to apply and which ID documents you'll need.

From the police: You need to submit a right of access/subject access request.

There are several ways of making a subject access request; by telephone, by email, by post, through this website using a downloadable form or in person.

However you make a request, it must include:

  • your full name
  • your date of birth
  • your address
  • a clear description of the specific information you want us to send you

We'll need to confirm your identity. We'll ask you to provide scans, photos or photocopies of official documents which between them confirm your full name, date of birth and your current address.

Exactly how to apply depends on which police force you are applying to. These instructions are for applications to us. For applications to a different police force, please visit their website for instructions.

How to apply:

Online: complete an online right of access request

By post: download our right of access request form and read the guidance notes.

Address to send your completed form to:
Information Access
Surrey Police
PO Box 101

Details you'll need to include in your request:

  • your full name (including any previous names you may have used)
  • your date of birth
  • your current address and any previous addresses you've lived at during the time you're asking for information on
  • contact details
  • a description of the information you're looking for, the circumstances in which you had contact with the police, eg were you a witness or victim, did you report an incident. 
  • any reference numbers (a crime reference or incident number)
  • dates and times or any other information which will help us find the information you're looking for

Once you've submitted your request we'll usually respond within 30 days, but if your request is complex or you've made a number of requests, it might take us up to an extra two months to respond. This is in line with GDPR rules.

Please note: it's against the law for an employer, or potential employer, to ask you to perform a right of access request as part of a vetting process.