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  • European Arrest Warrants and Extradition

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    The aim of this policy is to ensure a consistent approach to extradition using the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) or outside the European Union under a relevant bilateral treaty; multilateral convention; Commonwealth Scheme; or an extradition request made by the United Kingdom under Royal Prerogative to a particular state.

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  • Welfare Check Policy

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    The purpose of this policy is to outline the way in which Surrey Police will respond to requests from other agencies to conduct welfare checks on individuals that they believe to be vulnerable for some reason or another.

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  • Drugs Policy

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    The Policy is required to establish corporate standards on provide sufficient for delay with drug related crime in a safe effective and efficient way.

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  • Heath and Safety Policy Statement

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    This policy outlines the Force's commitment to ensuring the health and safety of all people who may be affected by its activities.

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  • Equality and Diversity

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    Surrey police promotes diversity by recognising, valuing and respecting the different contributions and needs of our communities and staff.

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  • Harm's Way Policy

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    The aim of this policy and associated guidance is not to be prescriptive or define the Harm's way threshold, as the decision to intervene in high risk situations must rely upon the judgment and integrity of the individual officer, taking account of all the variables in circumstances, the facts available to them at the time and the perceived risk.

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  • Naming of Staff or Officers Dismissed FromSurrey Police Policy

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    The purpose of this document is to detail the policy in relation to naming officers or staff who have been dismissed from Surrey Police after investigation by Professional Standards.

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  • Post Incident Management (Firearms and Non Firearms) Policy

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    This policy provides comprehensive guidance and direction for officers on how to deal with incidents of death or serious injury in or following custody or following contact with police and includes the implementation of Post Incident Management. In the case of firearms related incidents, this means where shots have been discharge by police or where an investigation into the Police action is being conducted.

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  • Immigration Policy

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    This document outlines Force Policy relating to immigration issues in compliance with the Immigration Act 1971, the Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002 and the Immigration (Registration with Police) Regulations 1972.

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  • Policy and Procedures Policy

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    This document outlines the Force's policy with regard to the publication and administration of Force Policy and Procedure documents.

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