We're very pleased to announce that 'T' litter arrived in the world at the end of 2020. They are now with their puppy walkers.

Over 15 years ago Surrey Police ran its own breeding programme, it was very successful and the ‘Mount Browne’ litters made quite a name for themselves.  However during this time dogs were easily available through other more cost effective sources and it was decided the breeding programme was not required.

Due to demand in 2007 Surrey Police made the decision to once again breed their own dogs. The scheme is proving highly successful and we have already produced a number of exceptional Police Dogs. We currently breed German Shepherd and Labrador puppies and have a total of 3 litters a year.

Before our puppies become operational Police Dogs it is important that they are exposed to as many things as possible. They live with our ‘Puppy Walker’ families from as young as 7 weeks old and stay with them for anything up to 12 months. The Puppy Walkers are responsible for their day to day care, exercise and wellbeing. Training and guidance is offered throughout the time in the scheme and someone is always on hand to answer any questions and queries.

Our puppies attend monthly puppy training classes at the Police Dog Training School. They are offered full training from our experienced Dog School Instructors and given any advice necessary regarding any other problems that may arise.  From around 12-18 months of age our dogs begin their Police Dog training course.

The aim of our scheme is to produce a puppy that is happy, friendly, alert and socially well-mannered. This is achieved by raising the puppy in a family environment where it can be socialised with people, animals and different environments and noises.

Our ‘Puppy Walkers’ play a huge part in the scheme and we would not be able to do it without them! You do not have to be a Surrey or Sussex Officer or Police Staff to join the scheme and anybody can apply to be a Surrey and Sussex Police Puppy Walker providing they fit our criteria.

If you would like any more information about becoming a ‘Puppy Walker’ please contact us via email: KennelAttendants@surrey.pnn.police.uk