In 2001 the kennels, having opened in 1950, were beginning to show signs of wear and tear, this along with the ever growing demand for courses at The Dog School the kennel block accommodation at Mount Browne was given a substantial upgrade, this was mainly down to a kind  donation from the Hambley family.

A great deal of thought and research was undertaken to ensure the new development was going to be the very best for the dogs to enjoy there time there.

They included heating, separate areas for the dogs to sleep and get fresh air, built in shower/wash area and a exercise and grooming area.

In 2002 the new build was completed and officially opened by the late Sir Bruce Forsyth.

Our kennel block would not be able to run without our wonderful Kennel Team who look after our operational police dogs when their handlers are on holiday and care for our brood bitches and their puppies from labour to birth and ensuring our puppies are happy and healthy. They do an amazing job and care about every single one of the dogs that come to stay in the kennels.

The team includes the Kennel Master Emma Coles, who manages the kennels and the breeding programme, and 5 Kennel Attendants: Jules Gladwell, Ellie Pettifor, Hollie Cook, Zana Dunkley and Lucy Compton who are in charge of the day to day care of our dogs and puppies.

Dog Welfare is high priority to everyone at the Dog School. We have a team of Kennel staff to maintain high standards of cleanliness and a excellent veterinary care to hand who reguarly visit the kennels. 

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