Geoff Wiltshire is the Operational and Dog School Manager

Pete has over 37 years Policing experience, which includes Uniform and CID having joined the Surrey Police in November 1979, 28 of these years’ have been as a Dog Handler and Instructor.

During this period, he has worked 4 General Purpose Dogs and 3 Explosive search Detection Dogs.

He qualified as an A.C.P.O Police Dog Instructor in 1995 and was awarded the Higher BETEC Diploma in Police Dog Instruction in 1999.

He has taken many Police, Prison and International, Initial and Refresher courses which includes General Purpose, Drugs, Explosives and Instructor courses as well as Passive Drugs and Passive Explosives. He is also a National assessor.

He has trained overseas students from all over the world including, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Hong Kong, Bahrain, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Singapore, Oman, Turkey, Qatar and the Seychelles.

As a dog handler Pete won the Anna of Avondale and Surrey Force trials on two occasions and completed in four Regional trials, he is also a qualified judge.

He retired from the Police in Feb 2010 after 30 years’ exemplarily service and is currently employed as the Senior civilian Instructor.

Jude has worked for Surrey Police for 22 years, 15 of those at the Dog Training School. 

Her first role in Surrey Police was as a temp in the Training School and she soon became a permanent member of staff.  From the Training School she moved to Burpham Mobile Support in a more senior role. 

Jude loves dogs, they are her hobby and pastime.  She’s done civilian Working Trials and a bit of Agility with her Rottweilers, and showing making up a Champion Curly Coated Retriever so when a position came up at the Dog School it was made for her.  The role is administrative but she can still get a fix helping out with the puppies and with the courses!

Emma became Kennel Master at Surrey Police in 2006. She is now also responsible for our breeding programme.

Andy has 37 year’s police service and worked with police dogs since 1992

In 2004 he qualified as an ACPO general purpose police dog instructor and in 2009 qualified as an ACPO explosive search dog instructor

In 2009 Andy transferred into the Surrey police dog school where he has conducted a large number of initial, refresher and continuation training in General purpose, explosive (passive and pro-active) and drugs (passive and pro-active) dogs Andy was also responsible for the firearm support dog courses in conjunction with firearms training department.

During his service in the dog school he has taken numerous UK courses and a number of international courses. The countries being Seychelles police (2), Hong Kong customs (10), Turkish secret service and the Royal Oman police (2).

Shuggie is an ex-soldier having completed 20 years in the Scots Guards and leaving at the rank of warrant officer 2. He joined the British Transport Police (BTP) in 1993 and served with them for 23 years; during this time he was based in London and carried out various roles. 

He joined the BTP dog section in 2004; He was a dog handler for 13 years and handled a General Purpose (GP) and Pro-Active Explosive Search Dogs. Shuggie retired from the Police and worked as a civilian Explosive Search Dog handler at Canary Wharf for 2 years prior to joining the dog training school at Guildford.

Graham joined Surrey Police in 1999 and joined the Dog Section in 2006.  He has handled three General Purpose Dogs (GPD), and been a qualified Firearms Support Dog Handler. He has also handled a Pro-active Drugs Dog, and a Victim and Forensic Recovery / Drowned Victim Detection Dog. 

He has competed at Force and Regional Trials with all of his dogs, and the National Police Dog Trials three times, finishing 1st (2015), 3rd (2013) and 6th (2017).  Graham has also judged Force and Regional trials.

In 2015, Graham qualified as a National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) General Purpose Police Dog Instructor and in 2017 as a NPCC Drugs Search Dog Instructor.  Graham has delivered training for GPD, Drugs (Passive and Pro-active) and VR.

PC Laura Heathcote is a dog school instructor

Andy joined Surrey Police in March 1980 and his sole aim was to become a Police Dog Handler. This he achieved in September 1994. He has handled four General Purpose dogs, two pro-active drugs dogs, one non-compliance dog and one Victim Recovery Dog. He qualified as a Home Office Instructor in January 2004.

He took many courses from 2004 until his retirement as an officer in 2013. Upon this retirement he applied for a post as a Civilian Instructor in The Dog Training School. This was successful and he has continued training GP, Drugs (Pro-Active and Passive) and Victim Recovery along with Drowned  Victim Detection Dogs.

He competed in Regional Trials on several occasions.

Tim Bourne is a Police Dog, Crime Scene & Drugs Search Dog Instructor