An initiative to safeguard vulnerable children in taxis, hotels and in sport.

Our aim

Operation Makesafe is an initiative focused on making sure that people working in the business sector are aware of the early warning signs of child sexual exploitation (CSE) and, where necessary, alert police officers to intervene to stop any young person coming to harm.

What’s involved

Local and national evidence shows that CSE can take place in hotels, pubs, cafes and places licensed to sell alcohol. Taxis can also be used to transport young people who are then exploited. We are working to make sure people working in these environments can spot the warning signs and have the confidence to report their concerns by talking to their supervisor and calling 101, quoting ‘Operation Makesafe’.

Child Exploitation isn’t always easy to spot, but there are signs to look out for, so businesses are being provided with campaign posters and training sheets (see below) to raise awareness among their customers and staff.

Don’t ignore your gut feeling that something isn't right. Say something if you see something.

Operation Sportsafe

Due to an increased number of disclosures in recent years, safeguarding children in sport is a national focus and for the first time, sports clubs and organisations have been included in the statutory guidance “Working Together to Safeguard Children (2018)”. We want to ensure sports clubs are informed and equipped on how to safeguard children in Surrey.

The principle is the same as Operation Makesafe and triggers the exact same response from our call handlers.