Surrey Police Association of Culture & Ethnicity (SPACE) aims to observe, promote and support cultural awareness with Surrey Police and community via mentoring and support for minority ethnic origin colleague. SPACE liaises with internal and external associations to break down barriers and promote a climate of respect and dignity within the force and the wider communities. The network provides a supportive and social environment for its members.

SPACE hosts regular events and seminars throughout the year with the aim of promoting cultural understanding. Overall SPACE aims to give a voice to officers and staff of minority ethnic origin on issues of diversity and equality.

'To me SPACE is a safe place and a group of people where you can speak with likeminded people, experiencing similar issues and somewhere to seek ideas, help and support. SPACE is a place to bring together difference and to ensure the organisation is supported and held to account for policies and procedures that undermine the fabric of why we are here – a force for everyone and one where people feel valued and treated with respect, dignity and impartiality.'

Detective Superintendent Sailesh Limbachia

'SPACE gives me an opportunity to build relationships, through taking part in activities, sharing testimonials, and shining a light on how and why our Police family is enriched by those that have overcome trials and tribulation to take their rightful place at the table. It strengthens our internal communities and shines a light on our moral and ethical responsibilities, in line with the Code of Ethics. We should expect our Police Force to be a beacon of hope, and SPACE helps fuel that.

It’s a safe place where people of all backgrounds and ranks have an equal input into furthering the cause of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic officers and staff.'

Luke Smith – Contact Centre Officer