The Surrey Police Women's network is a network of officers and staff established to value women in policing. Members of the network come together to exchange ideas, information and support to address issues impacting on female officers and staff.

The Network provides Women across the organisation with an opportunity to strengthen confidences by building strong work relationships and enhancing skills through regular events and updates and opportunities.


'The Women’s Network is a platform where members can share their unique experiences, ideas and discuss issues that matter in a safe space to help tackle the distinctive challenges we face. A problem shared is a problem halved! To me the Network is an opportunity for me to give something back; to support other women to achieve their goals and potential, and to contribute towards improving the experiences, of all, in the workplace.'

Rachel Roberts – Victim and Witness Care Unit

'I have been involved with the Women’s Network (and its previous incarnations) throughout my service, using the opportunity to network with, and support women from across the county in different roles.

Recently through the Women’s Network I was able to raise with the Force the possibility of gender specific Personal Safety Training.  The idea came from conversations with female officers across the force at all ranks who felt that they would be more comfortable training within a gender-specific environment.  As a result of working with the Training Team such training is now available and officers can choose if they want to train within that sort of environment.  It’s just one small project that’s given women a choice and I’m pleased that I and the Network were able to be part of that.'  

Detective Chief Inspector Charlotte Rimmer.