We are not currently accepting applications for Special Constables. To register your interest and to recieve a notification when we next open for recruitment, please click here.

To find out more about joining the Special Constabulary, download our Special Constable Recruitment Guide.

What is the Special Constabulary?

Surrey’s Special Constabulary plays a crucial role in helping the force ensure that Surrey is a county that is safe and feels safe.

We have over 130 dedicated Special Constables within our constabulary who, even after a hard day at work and alongside their busy personal lives, devote their spare time to policing our communities. Our Specials come from many different backgrounds and walks of life and form a vital link between their community and our force. Through their volunteering with our operational policing teams, Specials provide valuable additional capacity and resilience to our frontline resource. 

Surrey’s Special Constables are based at the same police stations, have the same powers in law, (including the power of arrest) and are issued with the same uniform and kit as regular (paid) officers. We ask for a minimum commitment of 16 operational hours per month from each of our Special Constables, although many do considerably more.

Remarkable, Extraordinary, Special.

This is a volunteer role like no other; it is challenging but also very rewarding, and provides the opportunity to help make a positive impact within Surrey’s communities.

Our Special Constables are involved in all aspects of policing, particularly responding to fast time incidents as part of our neighbourhood policing teams, tackling anti-social behaviour, taking part in targeted days of action, resourcing raids and warrants, and supporting special events such as the Epsom Derby.

As a general rule, our Special Constables carry out 'mainstream' policing and we offer opportunities for our more experienced Specials to join one of our specialist teams and/or be promoted to supervisory ranks.

Why Become a Special Constable?

As a Special Constable you will have the opportunity to:

  • Contribute to supporting and policing your community
  • Become a valued member of our policing family
  • Learn new and transferable skills, particularly communication and problem-solving skills
  • Undertake continuous training to maintain and develop your operational competence
  • Experience policing first-hand; there is nothing quite like it!