We are currently not recruiting for the Special Constable role. To register your interest for future opportunities, please set up a job alert where you will be alerted when we are next recruiting.

What is the Special Constabulary?

The Special Constabulary is made up of members of the public who volunteer to spend their time helping to police their local community.

Specials play a crucial role in fighting crime and keeping Surrey safer. They come from many different backgrounds and walks of life, forming a vital link between their community and Surrey Police.

Every Special is sworn in the presence of a magistrate in the same manner as a regular police officer. Specials work alongside their regular colleagues, they are based at the same police stations, have the same powers in law, including the power of arrest and they even wear the same uniform.

Surrey Police asks for a minimum of 16 operational hours per month from its Special Constables, although many do considerably more. It is demanding but very rewarding work. Specials get involved in all aspects of policing, particularly neighbourhood policing, tackling anti-social behaviour, crime prevention, raids and warrants, special events and presenting evidence in court to support the justice system in prosecuting offenders. As a rule, Specials carry out 'mainstream' policing.

What's in it for me?

  • The satisfaction of supporting and policing your community
  • The opportunity to learn new transferable skills and gain valuable life experience
  • The opportunity to work in a professional environment, supported by up-to-date training and knowledge
  • A chance to challenge yourself and show what you are capable of
  • If you are considering a career with the police, this is a great place to start as you’ll gain experience of what it is like and if it’s for you.


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