Our commitment to inclusion, diversity and equality is resolute. Despite the challenges we have faced, and continue to face, we have a vision of a united approach between both forces. One which values our individuality, celebrates what makes us uniquely different yet inextricably connected, with respect and understanding for all.

Our response to diversity and inclusion is ever evolving. This revised strategy sets out our intention for creating sustainable and lasting change for our colleagues now and those yet to join us.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Strategy (PDF)

This strategy also supports the delivery of the Our People and Our Communities strands of Our Commitments.

You can view our Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion policy and procedure here

The vision at Surrey Police is to have a workforce who understands why diversity, equality and inclusion are fundamental to improving trust, confidence and legitimacy in policing.

Focus on improving our culture of inclusion and increase awareness and understanding of diversity and equality, through the delivery of professional development awareness and training. Colleagues will have confidence to share their diversity data, particularly for non-visible differences, which will inform our processes and policies. Colleagues will be supported to challenge, overcome and reduce discriminatory behaviours or practices.

Understanding, engaging and increasing satisfaction and confidence across all communities and victims of crime. Engaging with our communities to understand their concerns, improving communication, accessibility and building trust and confidence to ensure all communities have a voice, and are more confident in reporting hate crime and incidents, and be kept informed at each stage.

Work transparently with communities to progress understanding of disproportionality in the use of police powers, and engage effectively to tackle the concern this raises in our communities

Attract, recruit and retain a diverse workforce which is representative of the communities we serve, ensuring robust analysis of workforce data to identify areas of concern or disproportionality to inform organisational priority, delivery of positive action interventions and organisational training and development needs.

Flexible Working

We recognise the benefits of flexible working and are committed to equality of opportunity. We will support opportunities for flexible working within the organisation where practical and suitable to promote a work-life balance and enable the recruitment and retention of a workforce which is representative of the diverse communities we serve.

 We offer many part-time and full-time opportunities. Flexible working requests can be submitted following 26 weeks service for staff roles and upon completion of full-time training for Police Officers. Each application for flexible working will be assessed and determined on its own merits, taking into account the needs of the individual balanced with the operational requirements of the force.


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